Sunday, September 9, 2018

Literary Garden Kick-Off, September 2018

Literary Garden Kick-Off, September 2018
By WBHS Literary Garden Co-President, Jessica Bain

The Literary Garden is a place to relax and learn all at once, this is why we wanted to invite more people to join the club. When Cookies in the Courtyard was just around the corner, we were all thrilled because we wanted to be able to share our love of the garden with other students. With such little time to prepare, we had an amazing outcome. Although the crowd was not huge, we pulled in new members of all different grades. With our kind words and personal experiences on one poster, our social media accounts on another, and a table full of candy and  garden pillows, we managed to have a whole list of new members interested in the Literary Garden Club. 

On top of everything, we were able to come together for the first time as an executive board to represent our love and commitment to the garden. As a board, we decided that our main goal for the year was inclusiveness. Not only are we striving to expand our club, but we are also hoping that the garden gives people a place to be themselves. When asked to describe their experiences in the club, members wrote about how the garden was a place for learning as well as a place to relax, bond, and have a group of people to call another home. It’s unbelievable to believe that the school year is almost here. We are looking forward to all of the activities for the year. 

One of our favorite activities to plan and host is the WBHS Haunted Literary Garden. This is a way to celebrate Halloween with a spooky literary twist, so mark your calendars for Friday, October 12th from 7-10 PM.

We were a little nervous at first about how the garden would be as we had not been able to see it the
ENTIRE summer due to construction. On the bright side, McQ was finally able to access it and was welcomed by a beautiful and overgrown jungle with sunflowers being the center of attention. 

This year is going to be amazing. We hope to grow our garden and the list of authors in it. I am looking forward to an extraordinary year and I am so glad to be able to call the Literary Garden Club my second home, because of course, there is no place like home.

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